Classic Rewatch: The War Games


Sometimes, the best thing you can do when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, once you’ve tried reasoning, confronting, and even running, is to align yourself with the most unlikely (if undesirable) cohorts. The safety of the many, in this case, outweighs the freedom of the few. Besides, who doesn’t want to know what those mysterious “Time Lords” are all about, anyway?

Closing the Troughton chapter of our Classic Who rewatch, we enjoy the ten-episode marathon that is ‘The War Games’. With more punches thrown, shots fired, strange accents attempted, weird headgear donned, and even weirder facial hair groomed, it’s a near free-for-all as the Second Doctor takes his last adventure with Jamie and Zoe, before being exiled to Earth, forced to regenerate, and unbeknownst at the time, seeing the end of the monochromatic world of Doctor Who as it had been experienced thus far.

Bonus Feature:

We enjoy a few minutes’ chat with none other than the Fifth Doctor (and newly published autobiographer) Peter Davison, from the events at L.I. Who 4!

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Classic Rewatch: The Seeds of Death

The Seeds of Death

It is a time of peril for the inhabitants of Earth. A time when technology has left us complacent, and the worst of all evils can prey upon us, with complete disregard for the billions of lives at stake. No, it’s not the 2016 presidential election — it’s Jamie, Zoe, and the Second Doctor as they face the Ice Warriors once again. And this time? They’re packing spores. Or…dish soap. We’re not quite sure.

This week, the GPR team romps about with the sixth season classic, “The Seeds of Death”. With a strong supporting cast, plenty of running and tumbling, all the questionable props and sets we’ve come to love, but an equivalent share of interesting camera work and practical special effects, it’s a true something-for-everyone six-parter you’re sure to find enjoyment in.

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Classic Rewatch: The Krotons

The Krotons

“All right, there’s no need to shout! Now go away, and don’t fuss me. No, come back. What’s this? It’s all right, I know. Right, fire away. I’m ready.”

In a set of episodes that rewards viewers with timeless dialogue (“Oh, my giddy aunt!”), delightfully cold and heartless robotic killing machines, dramatic tension between a partisan populace, and more than a fair share of punches thrown, lasers fired, and chemistry lessons learned, this multifaceted sci-fi story is yet another in the long list of thoroughly enjoyable Second Doctor adventures with Jamie and Zoe.

Jay and Haley put on their best pointy-shouldered armor, gather a sack full of interesting rocks, and queue up the DVD for a rewatch of the 1969 Doctor Who classic, ‘The Krotons’.

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Classic Rewatch: The Mind Robber

The Mind Robber

Let us tell you a story. Once, in a far-off land, many, many years apart from the time we live now, three dear friends went on an adventure. This was not your usual storybook adventure, where brave souls battled fearsome monsters, rescuing…oh, wait, it sort of is that sort of adventure. Well, it definitely didn’t have traps and snares, puzzles of wit designed to test our heroes’ intellect as well as physical…hmm. It has that, too. Okay, it certainly wasn’t a journey within the mind, testing the boundaries of what was real, and what was illusion…huh? That, too? Darn. I guess it has just about everything except a bedazzled catsuit, two men in one kilt, and a fake German bodybuilder. Oh, for crying out loud…

This week, Keir and Haley revel in the fun of the Second Doctor literary adventure, “The Mind Robber”. As writer Peter Ling’s first attempt at science fiction, it is a mad, labyrinthine sort of ‘Doctor Through the Looking Glass’, with every sort of fictional component thrown in to trip up our Time Lord and his exceptional companions, Jamie and Zoe. Wind up your toy soldiers and step into the white mist, because things are about to be taken…literally.

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