Battle of the Spin-Offs

It is a foregone conclusion, from a television programming and development standpoint, that a series so popular and successful as to run a span of over fifty years is sure to take a swing at tangential or “spin-off” series at one time or another. Doctor Who has had numerous such attempts, most notably the 2006 action-drama Torchwood, the 2007 series¬†The Sarah Jane Adventures, and most recently, Class in 2016. Each had a target audience, a clear intent for what it […]

Torchwood vs. U.N.I.T.

When you think teams that have been developed for the sole purpose of protecting humanity from the countless dangers and unfathomable powers of the collective cosmos, you may think of some spandex-clad superheroes zipping about in all their box office-smashing glory. (Excelsior!) But if you’re a Whovian, that leaves you debating between two well-established, well-respected entities: Torchwood; and U.N.I.T. But why do we have two of these organizations? In this week’s nearly academic discussion, we look at what we know […]