Classic Rewatch: The Android Invasion

We’ve all been there. You greet your neighbor in the yard, parking lot, or corridor, you strike up a conversation — or at least, attempt to — and the next thing you know, they’re grappling with you on the floor, trying to choke the life out of you, and their face falls off to reveal a mass of wires, servos, and googly eyes. If you had a nickel for every time, right?

This week, Jay is out of the studio (or IS he?) as the rest of us learn to trust no one in ‘The Android Invasion’. We’re 90% certain we’re watching Doctor Who and not Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this is a Terry Nation script, so who can be certain? Haley remarks on the quality of special effects (when viewed on a smartphone screen), and Keir struggles with what proves to be John Levene’s last full appearance as Benton, but fails to be given the exit that is truly deserved.

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Classic Rewatch: Genesis of the Daleks

genesis of the daleks

Typically, we’d use this moment to compose a little anecdote about the world around us, a little commentary on social behavior and interaction, and then tie it in somehow to a recurring theme or plot line from the classic Doctor Who story we’re currently revisiting.

Doing so, in this case, would rob us of the time we’d rather be enjoying one of Tom Baker’s most iconic performances, and a remarkably solid script from Terry Nation. (We know you had it in you, old chap.)

This week, we sit back and absorb all there is to one of the most frequently referenced, critically scrutinized, and impactful stories to emerge from the Classic Who library: season 12’s “Genesis of the Daleks”. Haley has to suspend her “all 6-episode stories should really be 4” theory, Keir wonders how great Bettan would have been as a companion, and they both still can’t fathom what Fantom Events is going to cut out of the story for the upcoming cinematic release. (Oh, and we learn that Harry Sullivan really can’t stand shellfish.)



Classic Rewatch: Death to the Daleks

We can thank Terry Nation for the conceptualization and creation of one of the most iconic and long-lasting villainous forces ever created in televised science fiction. What we can’t always thank him for is a really compelling story that uses them.

This week, we scratch our heads a bit at the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane story from Season 11, “Death to the Daleks”. All the basic components of a great episode are there, from concept to cast, but the end result…well…

At least we get to play a little Myst: Doctor Who Edition, and find our way through the rooms of a dead city by solving puzzles. Thanks, “Dave”!





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