Broadchurch In Space?: Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

There are those who love the chair-gripping suspense of a complex, trust-no-one thriller. Others dive deeply into whimsical, otherworldly fantasy and science fiction. Some have a place in their hearts for light comedy to provide escape from the troublesome world, or the warmth of explored relationships and character bonds. We can hope that our new showrunner has something up their sleeve to suit all viewers as we embark on Series 11 — perhaps without leaning too hard or for too long on any one style.

In the last of our panel sessions from (Re)Generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we discuss Chris Chibnall’s body of work to date, and what assumptions we can make (or hopes we can have) about what that CV will bring to the next season of Doctor Who. Joined by panelists Brian Biggs of the Whovian Running Club, Irene Richard, Charles Martin of The Space Javelin, and Ian McCann of The Casual Nexus, we do our fair share of theorizing, hypothesizing, and flat-out fantasizing about what the Autumn of 2018 will present to us.



The Doctor-Companion Symbiosis: Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

When a relationship is forged that is truly greater as a whole than the sum of its parts, the bond can be nearly unbreakable. Not that this bond is not tested — time can be a cruel and unforgiving adversary. But with an (as of the recording) unknown set of relations between our incoming Thirteenth Doctor and no fewer than three “recurring characters”, it leads us to think long and hard about how the pair, or trio, or squad, of characters all benefit from one another’s company.

Joined by a panel of exceptional Whovian intellects, we discuss the give-and-take relationships between the Doctor and their traveling companions, both historically, and with an eye to the series to come. Among our guests are producer Joy Piedmont of Reality Bomb, professor and editor Heather McHale, and writer Nev Fountain of Big Finish. Thanks again to Onizumi Events and their exceptional staff at (Re)Generation Who for helping make this panel, and the entire convention weekend, such a success.

(Oh, and we apologize for the poor quality of Keir’s audio in the pre- and post-panel conversation. He’s clearly on the ropes at this point, and we don’t know if we’re going to keep him around. Unprofessional!)



The Impossible Pacifist (Live)

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recently wrote:

Whether we will be able to achieve world peace or not, we have no choice but to work towards that goal. If our minds are dominated by anger, we will lose the best part of human intelligence – wisdom, the ability to decide between right and wrong. Anger is one of the most serious problems facing the world today.

In the aftermath of Series 10, as we look back upon the arc of the Twelfth Doctor from “Deep Breath” curmudgeon and callousness to the pleas with the Master/Missy for kindness in “The Doctor Falls”, it reminds us that in the pursuit of a peaceful world (or Universe), there are times when even the most altruistic individual feels the pressures of maintaining pacifism in the face of compounding unrest and anger.

It got us wondering: Science fiction has historically proven that truly pacifist characters will either meet an unfortunate end, or have to set aside their ideology in dire moments in order to achieve their altruistic ends. With the War Doctor and other examples of our own beloved Time Lord following suit, is it even viable to have a truly non-confrontational character in the genre?

With continued thanks to the staff of (Re)Generation Who 4, we share our panel discussion on the idea of the Doctor as a pacifist character, how suitably the title fits, and whether there are striations in the representation or fulfillment of that descriptor across the decades of the program. Graciously joined by Charles Martin, Kathleen Schowalter, Don Klees, and Heather McHale, we also draw upon some terrific audience contribution to the conversation about science fiction, altruism, and morality.

EXTRA: How difficult could the question “Which Hogwarts house would the Doctor be sorted into” really be? Well…



Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

GPR at Regeneration Who 4

…Because what’s the start of a multi-day, sleep-deprived, packed-schedule convention surrounded by incredible talent and intellect, without thirty minutes of questionable humour, random expletive outburst, and some dork in a Delgado costume?

Recorded live from the GPR Meet-Up at (Re)generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we spend some quality (subjective assessment) time with friends and listeners. Special thanks to the entire Onizumi Events con team for making us feel so welcome yet again!


(Re)GenerationWho4 Preview

If you’ve been a listener to this cast for anything more than an episode or two, first of all, you have our deepest thanks. But moreover, you’ve immediately learned that we get a little excited over things that we get involved in, or attend, or hear about, or brush up against in market aisles, or…well, you get the idea. We’re a lively bunch. So it should come as no surprise that when Oni and Harknell, showrunners for the Maryland-based (Re)GenerationWho conventions started sharing their ever-increasing roster of star guests for this fourth year, we may have lost our collective little minds.

As. Should. You.

This week, we blather enthusiastically about what we’re going to see, hear, and do at the upcoming (Re)GenerationWho 4 convention in Baltimore on the weekend of March 23, 2018. With Capaldi and Gomez in attendance, along with Davison, Baker, Talalay, the entire Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS Team, and so much more, we barely have the wind in the sails to share the panoply of panels (you like that?) we’re hosting throughout the weekend. But we dig deep! Or…breathe deep. You get the idea. Requesting permission to SQUEE!