When Dark Eyes are Smiling

It’s no secret to anyone who has listened to GPR for any length of time that we are tremendous fans of the audio productions that emerge from the Big Finish studios. They bring the classic era to life over and over again in artistic and magical ways, expanding upon the Whovian universe and allowing established televised characters (Doctors and Companions alike) to flourish and grow beyond their time on screen. But where we feel they truly stand out (and this may […]

A Chat with the Doctor(s)

Long Island Doctor Who arrived during the weekend of the Series 8 finale, and we were there to enjoy it with 1,300 other Whovians…and had the privilege to interview none other than Frazer Hines, Nicola Bryant, Terrance Dicks, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann.

One L.I. Who 2 Remember

We knew we had arrived at a very special place when the little Nissan compact in front of us had license plates from over 1,800 miles away, and a plush Dalek hanging from the rear-view window. Unpacking the recording gear and heading towards the lobby, the unmistakable “Official TARDIS Chase & Recovery Vehicle” owned and operated by the gifted TARDIS Tara dominated the first two parking spaces like a Whovian shrine. A glance to the right displayed a small sign […]

Paul McGann @ Comicpalooza 2014

Paul McGann: Comicpalooza 2014

There are certain things that are just unfortunate in life: (a) Nutella is not sold in gallon buckets; (b) Americans will likely never embrace the metric system; and (c) Paul McGann will never get enough screen time in the role of the Eighth Doctor. Thankfully, we have days’ worth of audio material to enjoy, and thanks to intrepid GPR reporters on the scene at Houston’s Comicpalooza 2014, a thoroughly enjoyable Q&A session with Mr. McGann. From his recollections on preparation […]