Classic Rewatch: The Brain of Morbius

Perhaps it was the lasting words of (not quite) philosopher Brian Johnson from the (not exactly) famed British think tank AC/DC, who quoted, “Who made who? / Who turned the screw?” The fact remains, there are moments where even the most exalted intellects have their thoughts and actions called into question, be it by their peers, themselves, or one claiming to be their greater. Perhaps if he were keeping an evil genius Time Lord’s spleen in a jar, and lived with that for a few decades instead of the maniacal brain, he might not have gotten into the mess he did. Guess that would have made for a pretty squicky dialogue exchange, however.

This week, Jeremy Radick calls in once again to join us for a lovely stroll through a dark and sinister laboratory, as “The Brain of Morbius” taunts us into action. We collectively adore the set design and visual tone, Jeremy holds the banner high for Philip Madoc (and rightfully so), and we take the briefest of seconds to wonder what Tom Baker would look like in a wrestling unitard. Go ahead. Let that image wash over you. We also find appreciation for “Daredevil” Sarah Jane, verify that the “five second rule” apparently doesn’t apply to brains, and that Condo and Mungo were likely separated at birth.

EXTRA: We pick Jeremy’s brain (sorry, couldn’t help it) about his opinions on what we know thus far about Series 11!



Classic Rewatch: The Daemons

The Daemons

The early seventies were a wild time. The Summer of Love was drawing to a slurred, hazy close. Darker tones and imagery were starting to replace the flowers and neon colors in modern art, and interest in the shadowy fringes of history, science, and culture were becoming not only interesting, but influential. Psychedelic rock was giving way to new sounds, like a group of ragtag blokes from Birmingham who called their group ‘Black Sabbath’. Being the consummate trendsetter and fashion nameplate that he is, the Master wasted no time in capitalizing on this shift in style. Now, if he could only find a minion with stony resolve…

This week, we’re joined by none other than Jeremy Radick (Gareth in the 1996 Doctor Who Movie) to enjoy a rewatch of the Third Doctor occult classic, “The Dæmons”. We enjoy the living hell (oh, the puns) out of this bizarre adventure, from autonomous Bessie, to to “Fight Club with Benton”, to the origins of Osgood and…the Weeping Angels? It may not be the BEST Pertwee era story, but we’ll be burned at the stake if it’s not one of the most entertaining. Eoh, eoh, Azal!

BONUS: We play a little “Ask Jeremy Anything”, spanning Whovian topics from the classic era to Jodie Whittaker’s casting.



Brave-ish Heart

Brave-ish Heart

Ah, young love. It has the power to inspire, to uplift the soul, to make one feel superhuman, to give one the courage to take on a physical incarnation of malicious darkness and pure evil that threatens to tear through the fabric of our universe and slaughter us all in an act of vengeance against wrongs we never knew existed. Or, you know, to write endless trite love songs. Ooh, baby, baby.

This week, we resolve the previous Class cliffhanger in the fifth episode of the season. April and Ram are in the “Underneath” to face the Shadow King directly, Charlie and Matteusz are grappling with genocide, Quill finds herself at odds with the newly discovered Governors, and there are enough confused parents to suit everyone. Thankfully, Tanya is here to sum it all up with succinct perfection.

Bonus Segment: We are honored to get to know Jeremy Radick, who portrayed (the unsung hero) Gareth in the 1996 Doctor Who movie, as we interview him at L.I. Who 4.

Jeremy Radick at LI Who

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