The Thingamajig of the Daleks

Power, Genesis, Asylum, Master Plan, Invasion…five decades of Dalek mayhem launches a lot of schemes for ultimate domination. What if we took a random term like “the marriage of”, and extracted a Dalek plot from it?

Family Who-ed, 2019 Edition

We return to one of our favorite past Whovian games, with the gracious responses by 100 of you to a series of questions about our favorite program. Some were trivia, some were opinion, all were worthwhile, and none were properly prepared for by our contestants, Haley and Jay.

Just Put a TARDIS On It

On a quiet Whovian news week, we test our memory of dialogue, trying to remember which character uttered a particular statement from the modern episodes. From phrases that could easily be a number of Doctor’s regenerations, to companions that seem to make very similar observations, Keir puts on his ill-fitting gamekeeper’s hat, and puts Jay and Haley to the test.

SURVEY: Family Who-ed 2019!

We’ll poll 100 Whovians to get our survey results, and play the game in the next few weeks. Take your time choosing your answers, there is no “right” or “wrong” response. Be sure to SHARE this link with other Whovians, to help speed up the data collection process!