Classic Rewatch: The Krotons

The Krotons

“All right, there’s no need to shout! Now go away, and don’t fuss me. No, come back. What’s this? It’s all right, I know. Right, fire away. I’m ready.”

In a set of episodes that rewards viewers with timeless dialogue (“Oh, my giddy aunt!”), delightfully cold and heartless robotic killing machines, dramatic tension between a partisan populace, and more than a fair share of punches thrown, lasers fired, and chemistry lessons learned, this multifaceted sci-fi story is yet another in the long list of thoroughly enjoyable Second Doctor adventures with Jamie and Zoe.

Jay and Haley put on their best pointy-shouldered armor, gather a sack full of interesting rocks, and queue up the DVD for a rewatch of the 1969 Doctor Who classic, ‘The Krotons’.

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Classic Rewatch: The Mind Robber

The Mind Robber

Let us tell you a story. Once, in a far-off land, many, many years apart from the time we live now, three dear friends went on an adventure. This was not your usual storybook adventure, where brave souls battled fearsome monsters, rescuing…oh, wait, it sort of is that sort of adventure. Well, it definitely didn’t have traps and snares, puzzles of wit designed to test our heroes’ intellect as well as physical…hmm. It has that, too. Okay, it certainly wasn’t a journey within the mind, testing the boundaries of what was real, and what was illusion…huh? That, too? Darn. I guess it has just about everything except a bedazzled catsuit, two men in one kilt, and a fake German bodybuilder. Oh, for crying out loud…

This week, Keir and Haley revel in the fun of the Second Doctor literary adventure, “The Mind Robber”. As writer Peter Ling’s first attempt at science fiction, it is a mad, labyrinthine sort of ‘Doctor Through the Looking Glass’, with every sort of fictional component thrown in to trip up our Time Lord and his exceptional companions, Jamie and Zoe. Wind up your toy soldiers and step into the white mist, because things are about to be taken…literally.

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Classic Rewatch: Tomb of the Cybermen

Tomb of the Cybermen

There are Doctor Who stories that you keep on a short list of those to recommend to the uninitiated or under-exposed, in hopes of winning them over to the fandom. Often these stories have a solid amount of explanation for newcomers, a solid plot and conflict to hold interest, and a degree of plausibility that will keep skeptics and critics at bay. There are also those installments of DW that are one’s personal favourites, for a myriad of reasons, that may not be sound candidates for the aforementioned ‘introductory’ list, because they either rely too heavily on existing knowledge of the characters and relationships, are not approachable enough for the uninitiated, or are not ideal representatives of the series as a whole. Sometimes, however, the paths converge, and you have an adventure that is nothing short of wonderful for any viewer.

This week, we revel in the simple perfection that is the fifth season classic, ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’. Enjoying peak performances from Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, a thorough but not overly complex script from Pedler and Davis, great supporting cast, and a thoroughly enjoyable ‘upgrade’ to our titular villains, it is a staple of our new viewer recommendations, and simultaneously one of our most treasured classic Doctor Who adventures.

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Wendy Padbury & Frazer Hines: Interview from L.I. Who 3

Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury

We refer to them as “The King and Queen of the New York Whovian Convention Circuit”, and they immediately poke at each other over who takes the role of queen. This is the sort of banter and humor that comes from nearly fifty years of friendship, and it’s all we can do to just sit back and enjoy their conversations.

From the festivities at the third Long Island Doctor Who convention (L.I. Who 3), we were thrilled to chat once again with Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines. We discuss their boundless energy, their ongoing audio drama work, stagecraft, and more.


A Chat with the Doctor(s)


Long Island Doctor Who arrived during the weekend of the Series 8 finale, and our own Keir Hansen was there to enjoy it with 1,300 other Whovians. (To read his response and reactions to this fantastic convention, click here and live vicariously through him.)

But it wasn’t all fun and frivolity. We actually put him to work, and had him interview none other than Frazer Hines, Nicola Bryant, Terrance Dicks, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann. This week, we share those interviews with you, and gain a look behind the scenes with these tremendous talents.

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