(Re)GenerationWho4 Preview

If you’ve been a listener to this cast for anything more than an episode or two, first of all, you have our deepest thanks. But moreover, you’ve immediately learned that we get a little excited over things that we get involved in, or attend, or hear about, or brush up against in market aisles, or…well, you get the idea. We’re a lively bunch. So it should come as no surprise that when Oni and Harknell, showrunners for the Maryland-based (Re)GenerationWho conventions started sharing their ever-increasing roster of star guests for this fourth year, we may have lost our collective little minds.

As. Should. You.

This week, we blather enthusiastically about what we’re going to see, hear, and do at the upcoming (Re)GenerationWho 4 convention in Baltimore on the weekend of March 23, 2018. With Capaldi and Gomez in attendance, along with Davison, Baker, Talalay, the entire Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS Team, and so much more, we barely have the wind in the sails to share the panoply of panels (you like that?) we’re hosting throughout the weekend. But we dig deep! Or…breathe deep. You get the idea. Requesting permission to SQUEE!



Classic Rewatch: Spearhead From Space

Spearhead From Space

So begins another era in the wildly unpredictable history of Doctor Who. The departure of Patrick Troughton and his co-stars at the close of the sixth season added additional uncertainty to the direction (or entire future) of the show. Producers, writers, and script editors including the legendary Terrance Dicks and Derrick Sherwin set out to redefine the television programme, breathing new life with new filming techniques, supporting cast, theme and tone, and the casting of a lead actor who could carry the demands of affability, action, humour and gravitas that the change in direction called for. Enter: Jon Pertwee.

This week, we fall headlong into the debut of the Third Doctor, in “Spearhead From Space”. We discuss all the backstory components that contributed to such a monumental shift in the franchise, the “Series 6B” theory that went from fan-fiction, to ‘fanon’, to canon, the ideal selection of Pertwee at this pivotal moment, and our complete adoration for Liz Shaw.

Bonus Segment: Another lovely sit-down with “Old Sixie” himself, COlin Baker, from the hustle and bustle of L.I. Who 4!

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A Wise Person Once Said…


There once was a campaign in the United States for an investment broker, where the tagline read, “When <company> talks, everyone listens.” You may not have an iota of interest in the stock market, of course, but when the Doctor steps forward, takes a strengthening breath, and begins an oration, the viewing audience joins the supporting cast in rapt attention to what is about to be said. It may even be argued that within the past 3 series, the opportunities for and occurrences of these monologues are steadily increasing — much to our fascination.

This week, Keir and Haley tour a series of the Doctor’s most impactful speeches, from short but sweet consolations to a distraught listener, to the arms-wide, sermon-on-the-mount powerhouses that hold armies at bay, and give would-be gods reason to take heed. We discuss the apparent rise in the breadth and content of these speeches, and the adept way that Doctor Who writers have historically written to the strengths of each actor portraying the titular role.

Some referenced moments for your research:

  • First Doctor to Susan, in “Dalek Invasion of Earth”
  • Second Doctor to Victoria, in “Tomb of the Cybermen”
  • Third Doctor to Jo Grant, in “The Time Monster” (thanks to Ian for the suggestion!)
  • Fourth Doctor to Sarah Jane, in “Genesis of the Daleks”
  • Sixth Doctor to the Valeyard and Inquisitor, in “Trial of a Timelord”
  • Ninth Doctor to Rose, in “Parting of the Ways”
  • Tenth Doctor soliloquy, in “The Waters of Mars”
  • Eleventh Doctor to the assembled armada, in “The Pandorica Opens”
  • Twelfth Doctor to Bonnie, in “The Zygon Inversion”

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Live from Whofest 2

GPR Post Header

Okay, fess up. Who let the nerds out of the studio? This week, Haley and Jay surrounded themselves with the best kind of Texans: Whovian Texans. Whofest 2 in Dallas drew visits from none other than Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy, Nicholas Briggs, and Jason Haigh-Ellery to the southwest US, and the GPR team was there to embrace them (and in one fortunate fourth grader’s case, quite literally).

Join us as we share some of the highlights and stories from the “bigger on the inside” little convention, in what Colin Baker has renamed as the “All-Star State.”

Links and Pictures:

Mr. Baker commanding the room

Mr. Baker, commanding the room as always.

Nicholas Briggs (right) and Terry Molloy (left) starting off the Saturday Panels

Nicholas Briggs (right) and Terry Molloy (left) starting off the Saturday morning panels.

The always stunning Nicola Bryant

The always stunning Nicola Bryant.

Listener Bobby Honeycutt as the 4th Doctor with another con guest's incredible custom Dalek

GPR listener Bobby Honeycutt as the 4th Doctor, with another convention guest’s incredible custom Dalek.

An incredible custom dalek, with no silly plunger.

An incredible custom Dalek: with no silly plunger.

IMG_0486 IMG_0485 IMG_0484

K-9 making friends

K-9 making friends, as he so often does.


The hand-built functional K-9, exterior.

K-9 interior

K-9’s interior. (Gasp!)

The control system for K-9

The control system for the custom K-9. Bravo, master!


A Chat with the Doctor(s)


Long Island Doctor Who arrived during the weekend of the Series 8 finale, and our own Keir Hansen was there to enjoy it with 1,300 other Whovians. (To read his response and reactions to this fantastic convention, click here and live vicariously through him.)

But it wasn’t all fun and frivolity. We actually put him to work, and had him interview none other than Frazer Hines, Nicola Bryant, Terrance Dicks, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann. This week, we share those interviews with you, and gain a look behind the scenes with these tremendous talents.

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