The Overabundance of the Doctor


We just flat out refuse to give up on the 50th anniversary. This week, we take a look at both the emotionally driven docu-drama “An Adventure in Space and Time”, and the hilarious ‘insider’ mock-umentary by Peter Davison, “The Five(ish) Doctors”. Yes, we’re slightly bipolar this week…you’ll just have to deal with it.



The first production allows us to delve deeper into the first Doctor’s history than we ever have, question how much is historically accurate, and furthermore, determine if that accuracy really matters. Shifting as madly as the crew of Top Gear on the expressway, we then set off on a wild goose chase with the 5th, 6th, and 7th Doctors (with a TARDIS-load of cameos) and allow our our classic Whovian to be sated — and ponder how involved they really were in the 50th Anniversary episode (wink, wink).

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HOW many Doctors in the Anniversary Special?


Leave it to Clara to open her mouth, and let something slip about the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special.

During the Royal tour of the TARDIS set in Cardiff, Jenna Coleman (she is now dropping the “Louise” from her screen name) met Prince Charles of Wales and  the Duchess of Cornwall, along with Matt Smith and a few Daleks to boot.

BBC News: The Royals Meet Daleks During Doctor Who Visit in Cardiff

(As an aside, there’s something fascinating about hearing Charles yelling, “Exterminate!” into the Dalek voice modulator…)

After some greetings, a few chuckles about the size of the set, and other pleasantries, Jenna made a rather interesting comment about the filming of the 50th Anniversary Special, and the specific roles of the cast involved. Shall we warn you up front — SPOILERS, Sweeties?

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Strax Day?


In the interests of fairness, as we *did* recognize River Song Day last week, we should point out that on 4 June, 2011, BBC aired the episode “A Good Man Goes to War’, which featured the first appearance of our beloved soldier, field nurse, chauffeur, memory worm wrangler (novice) and explosive enthusiast, Sontaran Commander Strax. (Follow him on Twitter @SontaranStrax.) So join us in the battle cry: “Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA!”

Just don’t refer to him as “The Potato One”. He gets terribly testy.