Gallifrey! The Musical!

There’s only one place where you’ll see the most fantastic costumes, outlandish characters, unbelievable exploits, manic emotional upheaval, and tumultuous conflicts — Camden, New Jersey! No, wait. Broadway? Getting closer, in a non-geophysical location sense — GALLIFREY! This week, joined by Andy Hicks of the Coal Hill A/V Club, we destroy some perfectly nice, quiet down time by wondering what Doctor Who would be like if characters suddenly broke into song. Much like episodes of “The Monkees”, “Galavant”, or the […]

Classic Rewatch: The Silurians

As an evolved, scientifically curious species, we Terrans are woefully ignorant on a relative interplanetary scale. Honestly, it’s a wonder our brutish, barbarian tendencies haven’t caused us to be eradicated by a greater galactic power a dozen times over by now. We find another sentient species dormant beneath our planet’s surface, and immediately fall into two camps: cringing subservience; or distrusting militant response. Leave it to a dashing (if oddly dressed) hyper-brilliant alien to point out the need for a […]

Classic Rewatch: The Time Meddler

What’s the first thing you would do if given access to a time machine? If your first answer isn’t “exploit temporal dynamics to make myself rich beyond reason” then you’re doing it wrong. Other acceptable answers are “muck about in the past to see what outcomes you can create in the future” or “steer world events to my liking because, why the hell not?” This week we explore the classic story “The Time Meddler” and ask ourselves if we’d be […]

Clara Oswald: In Memoriam

Back at the close of Series 8, we recorded an episode where we looked at the road traveled thus far with the Impossible Girl, and the changes we were starting to observe with the character. Due in no small part to Jenna Coleman’s ever-expanding performance, writers and directors who explicitly sought to challenge and inspire growth, and highly praised chemistry with (new) lead actor, Peter Capaldi, we came to know and Clara much better, found ourselves endeared to her, and […]

The Zygon Invasion

All the world’s a stage, and clearly the Zygons are the talent. Masquerading as the majority of the British population, the Zygons have been peacefully living among us. But now, that peace is coming to an end. Can the Doctor save the day? Can U.N.I.T. get their stuff together? Can Jenna Coleman look any more awesome than she does with an evil smirk and a freaking surface to air missile launcher? This week, we talk about The Zygon Invasion and […]