Our Panel Line-Up for L.I. Who 5

Long Island Doctor Who - LI Who 5

It’s about as official as we allow ourselves to be! If you’re planning on joining us in three (!) short weeks in New York for L.I. Who 5, along with 1,500-plus other crazy-excited Whovians, here are our hosted and/or moderated panels for the weekend, including our live podcast recording that is now becoming a legend in our own minds!

Oh No, Who Didn’t! (Friday @ 1:00 pm, Program Room B)

The fast-thinking, high-sarcasm Whovian game from Gallifrey Public Radio is back. A panel of would-be know-it-alls compete through rounds of altered scenarios in Doctor Who. What if your favorite character’s alignment was flipped? What if a despised classic villain encountered a modern Doctor? And never forget the dreaded “Fire, Retire, Admire” round!

Cosplay Building with Foam (Friday @ 6:00 pm, Cosplay Room)                        

Join GPR host Keir Hansen for a presentation and some live demonstration for those interested in learning basics of using EVA foam to create costume and prop pieces. We’ll also discuss where “foamsmithing” sees its advantages and disadvantages, ways to keep costs down, and where to find ideas and inspiration.

The $100,000 Pyramid At the End of the Earth (Saturday @ 7:00 pm, Program Room C)

You know what famous name or term from Doctor Who that you WANT to say, but have to describe it without all the most common descriptive words. The well-known game show gets a Whovian twist thanks to the GPR squad, along with a lot of awkward fumbling and laughs along the way.

GPR Live: Two Whos and a Lie! (Saturday @ 10:00 pm, Program Room C)

Back for another year, the team from Gallifrey Public Radio invite the masses to be a part of their live podcast recording. This time around, they’re bringing a game of strategy and deception, as the audience is asked to identify the false fact from among a trio of odd Whovian trivia. Think you know your stuff? Can you call a bluff? Then come be a part of the game, and the podcast!


Doctor’s Exit, Stage Left

As we eagerly await the premiere of Series 10, news comes to us from the BBC that hits us like the proverbial ton of bricks: Peter Capaldi will be leaving at the end of this season, exiting alongside showrunner Steven Moffat.

This week, Haley and Jay spend time discussing this and other Whovian news, and then wildly speculate about what’s to come in light of it all.

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GPR Panels Announced for L.I. Who 4

LI Who 4

The ink is drying, the program director is getting a much-needed break for a moment, and the weekend agenda for Long Island Doctor Who is starting to solidify. If you’re planning to join the thousands in New York for this momentous event, here’s a look at just a few of the scheduled goings-on that will feature your intrepid (exhausted, slightly punchy) Gallifrey Public Radio team. We look forward to seeing you!

Fan Panel: “Taking Our Kids to the Doctor”
Younger and younger viewers are expressing interest in seeing and learning more about Doctor Who, much to our Whovian parents’ pride and enthusiasm. But where are the safe entry points into the series, based on each child’s age and temperament, when it comes to potentially complex or at times scary science fiction? Using personal anecdotes and audience input, the panel devises possible “primer sets” for children to begin their Doctor Who viewing experience safely and enjoyably.

Stage Interview: Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick
(Moderator: Keir Hansen)

Fan Panel: “The Power of the Spoken Word”
A panel analysis of some of the most emotionally impactful written moments in televised DW, along with discussion over the balance between dialogue and delivery. Do the quotes that sit heaviest on our hearts have the same impact, once separated from the actor who spoke them?

LIVE RECORDING: Gallifrey Public Radio!
Recording their podcast live with audience participation, the GPR staff will discuss “classic” elements of Doctor Who that could see a notable success if returned to the “modern” series. From characters, to locations, to technology, crew and audience will consider what could be brought into the current program, with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation.

Fan Panel: “The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis”
An analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associate(s) from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new companion for Series 10.

Be aware, the agenda is subject to last-minute changes right up until the event weekend, and locations for each panel and session will be posted both in the official LI Who booklet, and posted in numerous locations throughout the venue. Should anything change, we’ll also try to keep everyone apprised via Facebook and Twitter, so keep tuned in through those networks as well!

Sneak Peek: Topps Doctor Who Extraterrestrial Encounters

Doctor Who Extraterrestrial Encounters10th DoctorThanks to some inside information from Topps brand manager, Mark “Darth” Von Ohlen, we’ve got an early look at a gorgeous new set of trading cards, titled Doctor Who Extraterrestrial Encounters, due in stores November of 2016!


Building upon the success of the predecessor series Doctor Who Timeless, the forthcoming Topps set features 100 base cards, along with four different insert sets (Doctors Across Space, Companions Across Space, Alien Invasion, 50 Years of the Cybermen) to pursue and collect.

James CordenOver seventy celebrities from around the world of Doctor Who have added their signatures to the collectors’ cards, including those from David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman, Sir John Hurt, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, John Barrowman, and many more, including a dozen new signers for this series, such as our beloved James Corden.

11th Doctor“Costume piece” cards are included in the new set, allowing collectors to chase down rarities from Doctors, Companions, Alien friends and foes, and even the Master. Look for rare dual- and triple-autograph cards, as well as signed costume pieces. What’s more, there is an extremely rare dual-costume, dual-auto book featuring (our personal favourite Whovian IRL couple) David Tennant and Georgia Moffet.

12th DoctorTo top it all off, the set apparently will have the rarest of finds, a four-signature card including the autographs of Tennant, Piper, Barrowman, and Noel Clarke. (You know…from that season which we absolutely ADORE.)

The Topps team has been rolling out some great news related to this and their recent sets at SDCC, and will undoubtedly continue to do so between now and November’s release (perhaps in time for L.I. Who 4?), but for now, keep tabs on the goings-on over at topps.com, or share your thoughts with us in the comments here!

News Extra: Lost in the Timestream

noooooooAlready reeling from the weekend’s news regarding Moffat’s step down, Chibnall’s succession and the delay of Series 10 until Spring of 2017, American Whovians were dealt yet another unexpected blow — the loss of Doctor Who content (both “classic” and post-2005) from the major streaming services Hulu and Netflix.

Both. At once. Until further notice.

In a supplemental reaction cast, Jay and Keir look at the repercussions of this change on accessibility to the program for one of the largest and rapidly growing viewer segments, and what impact this may have upon trying to cultivate any new viewers over the next year or beyond.