They Deserve More Time

We task ourselves this week with identifying just a few of the briefly-met characters who we wish had another opportunity, large or small, to return to the program. It could be a passing cameo, a where-are-they-now glimpse into their lives after having met and interacted with the Doctor, or even a full episode adventure with them past, present, or future.

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

We know…trust us, we know…the plodding progression of time, and the seemingly endless waiting that fans of Doctor Who have to be subjected to when series breaks occur. After all, we survived the Nineties, didn’t we? But as spirit-dampening as these months on end seem for any viewing fan, it adds an extra layer of difficulty when you happen to be a podcaster who discusses the program. What do you do to fill the time? What if there are no […]

Does This Smell Spoiled to You?

We’ve probably all fallen victim to it. Many of us have either inadvertently or (shamefully) explicitly done it ourselves. The issue of ‘spoilers’ are nothing new to storytelling, from publications and stagecraft, to radio broadcast, to screens large and small. But the inflammatory act of ruining another’s naive anticipation of a story twist or outcome is just as prevalent now as ever — daresay more so, because of the instantaneous nature of sharing immediate thoughts on multiple social networks, as […]