Series 9 Wrap-Up

We asked GPR listeners to describe their reactions to the complete Series 9 in a one-term response, and were given completely valid answers such as “complicated”. Speaking personally? We’d have to add “exhausting” — in the best possible sense. With a madhouse collection of dark comedy, drama, suspense, farce, and a healthy dose of emotional gutting, there’s little we could possibly be left wanting after this remarkable season of Doctor Who. But there’s always Christmas, yeah? (Spoilers…) News Links: “Heaven […]

Hey, It’s (That Doctor Who Actor)!

The television shines with that welcome glow, you begin to watch a new program or film for the evening, and all of a sudden, an unexpected familiar face pulls you completely out of the storyline as you realize that you’re looking at one of your beloved Doctor Who characters, but seen completely out of character. (Does that make sense?) This week, we discuss instances where Doctor Who alum appear out-of-the-blue in shows or films we weren’t prepared for, forcing us to try and reconcile the […]

Comparing Timepieces: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

So, what’s your ideal job? No, not that one. You know, the one you could have if nothing were impossible. Of course…Timelord, naturally. Is it any wonder that a comedic romp through the dangers, pitfalls and ripple-effect repercussions of time travel would be written about a group of science fiction geeks, in a film for science fiction geeks, and penned by a science fiction geek (who just also happens to be a current writer for Doctor Who)? It’s as if […]

An Inside Update on L.I. Who 3

Whether you believe your calendar or not, November is right around the corner. Here in the Whovian realm, that means the Long Island Doctor Who Convention, and the talented folks behind L.I. Who 3 are ramping up for the biggest DW-fandom convention in the northeast United States — perhaps the entire east coast — and this is only their third year hosting the event. In this special supplementary episode, Keir and Jay discuss the upcoming festivities with Andre Tessier, who handles press relations […]

Paul McGann @ Comicpalooza 2014

Paul McGann: Comicpalooza 2014

There are certain things that are just unfortunate in life: (a) Nutella is not sold in gallon buckets; (b) Americans will likely never embrace the metric system; and (c) Paul McGann will never get enough screen time in the role of the Eighth Doctor. Thankfully, we have days’ worth of audio material to enjoy, and thanks to intrepid GPR reporters on the scene at Houston’s Comicpalooza 2014, a thoroughly enjoyable Q&A session with Mr. McGann. From his recollections on preparation […]