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Classic Rewatch: Carnival of Monsters

Yes, we’ve been doing this podcast for well over five years. Yes, we’re all pretty positive, upbeat people who not only share enjoyment of the Doctor Who legacy, but enjoy each other’s company, as well. But no, we don’t always agree. In fact, in instances like this, we differ wildly. It’s okay, though. We’ll keep Jay around because he’s a genuinely good-hearted, intelligent, humorous guy. (Even if he would have no idea what a PRECIOUS GIFT of a classic story this was if it charged up behind him and dope-slapped him across the back of the melon. But we kid, we kid!)

Our Classic Rewatch progress brings us to the mad “Incredible Journey Meets Groundhog Day” conditions of “Carnival of Monsters”. We discuss the many, many sci-fi tropes that Robert Holmes wields in this Season 10 adventure, the ongoing awesomeness of Jo Grant, the first glimpse of not-Harry-Sullivan, the effectiveness/detriment of an intentionally underdeveloped political backstory, and the costumes. Oh, the COSTUMES. Knock back a quick chota peg to brace your nerves, and let’s begin!

EXTRA: Our interview with our most beloved, incomparable, and endlessly energized Jo Grant herself, Katy Manning, joining us once again from the festivities at L.I. Who 5!

Sorry again that the baby decided to nibble on you, Katy. We still love you!



Two Whos and a Lie! (Live from L.I. Who 5)

As expected, the weekend spent in Long Island with a few thousand good-natured and excitable Whovians was a whirlwind of laughter, surprises, fascination, and even dancing (yes, that was Barnaby Edwards leading what could only be described as “The Dance Floor Revolution of the Daleks”). Through it all, GPR opted to keep spirits up and minds confused, with a series of game show panels designed to entertain and amuse. We sincerely hope we met our self-appointed challenge.

This week, we share the live recording from the Long Island Doctor Who Convention (L.I. Who 5) of our audience participation game, in which players (you lovely listeners) attempt to identify the false fact from amid a trio of odd trivia. As Jay was unable to join us in New York, our good friend Alyssa Franke of ‘This Week in Time Travel’ helped us on the stage, and ten rounds later, we spilled back out into the con with some new facts learned and new friends met.

Immense thanks to Ken Deep, Amanda-Rae Prescott, Billy Davis, and the entire LI Who staff and volunteers for making another great convention a reality. (Or was this our reality after all?) Thanks as well to all our contestants, panelists, and those who simply stopped to chat with us throughout the weekend to comment and/or commend us for the work we do on GPR. Your input and support give us life.


Classic Rewatch: The Three Doctors

Typically, we use this lead-in moment to identify some sort of parallel between the classic story we’ve been returning to, and the daily lives we lead. Sometimes, it’s the connection between the television adventure, and our own socio-political climate. Perhaps a dissertation on the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. It could even be a study on the way we deal with trauma, near-death experiences, or the futility of war.

And sometimes, we throw all that aside, and say, “daaaang, kids, that was a load of fun”.

This week, we’re thrilled to sit back and enjoy the tenth anniversary episode of the classic Doctor Who run, “The Three Doctors”. With so many momentous aspects of these four episodes, from firsts to lasts, it could be so beloved based on those merits alone, The fact that it’s a wholly entertaining and engaging story to boot makes it that much more of a near-perfect viewing. Hoist on those gigantic helmets, and will a few couch-side snacks into existence, because this is a fantastic one to enjoy over and over.

EXTRA: A little preview of our upcoming live recording at LI Who 5, where we’ll be playing “Two Whos and a Lie” with our audience!



The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

We know…trust us, we know…the plodding progression of time, and the seemingly endless waiting that fans of Doctor Who have to be subjected to when series breaks occur. After all, we survived the Nineties, didn’t we? But as spirit-dampening as these months on end seem for any viewing fan, it adds an extra layer of difficulty when you happen to be a podcaster who discusses the program. What do you do to fill the time? What if there are no news items from the studio or creators to hypothesize? What exactly do listeners want to hear and interact with, if we’re all playing the same waiting game? Or is this really anything to be concerned about, when we’re still arguing…er…animatedly discussing…plot points from stories that aired in the 1980s?

This week, we’re joined by good friends and hosts of the podcast, “This Week In Time Travel“, Alyssa and Chip, to discuss the very nature of podcasting about Doctor Who during ‘downtime’ periods. We get into the weeds on airing out long-standing friendly debates, delving into the constant stream of extended materials, and the merits of taking topic cues from the fanbase directly.



Classic Rewatch: The Time Monster

The Time Monster

Oh, those beloved gems of the Classic Who era, those perfect vertices between the complexity of script and clunkiness of execution that make them so near and dear to our Gallifreyan hearts. Those episodes where a handful of minutes can separate one of the most touching emotional dialogues the Doctor has ever shared with a companion, from one of the goofiest looking monsters ever to flap wildly about the screen. Dear, sweet 1972, you will always be a golden year to us.

This week, we’re pleased to be joined by Will and John of the Mutter’s Spiral podcast, chatting away about the six-part Pertwee and Delgado adventure in Atlantis, ‘The Time Monster’. With the ideal amalgam of content and camp, character and craziness, it’s an immediately enjoyable story with enough to please both rabid Third Doctor and Jo Grant fans, while still giving those of us with a little sense of self-effacing humor plenty to snicker at — with love, always with love. The Master has never been closer to triumph, the Doctor and Jo have never been more symbiotic, the supporting cast is exceptional, and the monster is…well, it’s a flying, flapping bird suit made of toilet paper. (What, did you think we were going to sugar-coat it?)

EXTRA: We spend a big ‘ol chunk of time thrilled over the BBC One announcement of the three new companions — no, wait, “friends” — who will be joining the Thirteenth Doctor in Series 11. ME also, of course, ponder the careful phrasing of the official press release, and get stereotypically pedantic about semantics.