And In This Corner…

We’ve been conditioned over the years to expect certain things from a full season of Doctor Who: a mix of light-hearted adventures, a few scares, and some emotional upheaval; a titular character who encompasses both staggering intelligence and dumbfounding eccentricity; a roster of ne’er-do-well characters and outright villains both familiar and unfamiliar to keep us either on the edge of our seats, or behind the couch entirely.

Take that last point of familiarity for a moment — the recurring adversary. We’ve had Daleks on the baddie radar for virtually as long as the show has aired. The Master has fascinated (messed with) us for nearly as long. Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Sontarans and Silurians have made returns to the screen in varying frequency, and critical success. You might even lump the Time Lords in there as well, for all their self-centered manipulations and machinations. But what if we lock them all away, and start fresh for a while? Is there a risk that a wholly new set of villains might in any way impact the continued success of the show?

This week, we process the statements by Chibnall and the BBC Worldwide informing us that Series 11 will have an entirely new roster of villains and dangers to be faced, and that the time-tested ranks of Daleks, Cybermen, Missy and the like will not be seen for some time. Does this have any discernible impact on the projected success of the season? Is this really such an original or unorthodox measure? And who, or what, might we see squaring off against the Doctor and friends instead?

We also officially welcome Charles to the GPR staff, and hope he doesn’t mind the permanent stains in the coffee mugs, or that one squeaky chair over in the corner of the studio. Sorry, newbie!

EXTRA: Now that we’ve processed the Sunday broadcast day for Series 11, what about the actual airtime, both in the UK and abroad?



Classic Rewatch: The Brain of Morbius

Perhaps it was the lasting words of (not quite) philosopher Brian Johnson from the (not exactly) famed British think tank AC/DC, who quoted, “Who made who? / Who turned the screw?” The fact remains, there are moments where even the most exalted intellects have their thoughts and actions called into question, be it by their peers, themselves, or one claiming to be their greater. Perhaps if he were keeping an evil genius Time Lord’s spleen in a jar, and lived with that for a few decades instead of the maniacal brain, he might not have gotten into the mess he did. Guess that would have made for a pretty squicky dialogue exchange, however.

This week, Jeremy Radick calls in once again to join us for a lovely stroll through a dark and sinister laboratory, as “The Brain of Morbius” taunts us into action. We collectively adore the set design and visual tone, Jeremy holds the banner high for Philip Madoc (and rightfully so), and we take the briefest of seconds to wonder what Tom Baker would look like in a wrestling unitard. Go ahead. Let that image wash over you. We also find appreciation for “Daredevil” Sarah Jane, verify that the “five second rule” apparently doesn’t apply to brains, and that Condo and Mungo were likely separated at birth.

EXTRA: We pick Jeremy’s brain (sorry, couldn’t help it) about his opinions on what we know thus far about Series 11!



Our 300th Episode Retrospective

When you reach a major milestone, the moment can carry with it a range of reactions: satisfaction; pride; wistfulness; exhaustion.You can reflect on the effort and investment that it took to get there; you can take time to wonder about what the next length of time may bring.

Here in the GPR studios, we carry all those emotions and outlooks simultaneously, and still have the presence of mind to worry about whether or not we all remembered to hit “record” on the sound deck before starting the conversation.

With 300 notches in our weekly podcasting belts, the GPR team takes pause in the anticipation of the next series to look at what six years and a long, long scheduling spreadsheet can accomplish. We have to thank all the guests who have joined us for discussions both in studio at on convention panels, as well as listeners who have given us support, suggestions, and more than a few ‘somebody out there, help us answer this question’ contributions. To all of you who listen, all who add their voice, and to everyone who we’ve had the pleasure and privilege to meet in person over all this time: thank you, from the depths of all our twin hearts.


Setting Course For Series 11

When things are in a state of change, there can be unrest from any number of sources. Some will feel uneasy because of the lack of stability, the points of reference that were once relied upon. Some will worry due to the new direction itself, the unknown and untested. Others may rankle against the very nature of change itself.

But some will bare their teeth in a grin, rather than a wince. They will lean forward, not crouch back. They will sing to the tumult, rather than cry or wail because of it. Us? We’re warming up the choir.

With the possibility of seeing Series 11 even sooner than we had mentally prepared ourselves for, we take stock of what HAS been confirmed for the season to come on Doctor Who. From casting to production, structure and format to theme and vision, the sea change that awaits on the horizon is not only grounds for our excitement, but for celebration as Thirteen and her friends take to the screen this autumn. [Insert catchphrase yet to be coined here.]

EXTRA: Gallifrey Public Radio is about to record its 300th episode, and we want YOU to be a part of the conversation! Leave us a comment (below), drop us an email, even send us an audio clip (voicemail, or file attachment) to share your thoughts about GPR as a podcast, about the Whovian community, and/or the program we love! We’ll use some of your input in our tricentennial recording session next week!


Classic Rewatch: The Android Invasion

We’ve all been there. You greet your neighbor in the yard, parking lot, or corridor, you strike up a conversation — or at least, attempt to — and the next thing you know, they’re grappling with you on the floor, trying to choke the life out of you, and their face falls off to reveal a mass of wires, servos, and googly eyes. If you had a nickel for every time, right?

This week, Jay is out of the studio (or IS he?) as the rest of us learn to trust no one in ‘The Android Invasion’. We’re 90% certain we’re watching Doctor Who and not Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this is a Terry Nation script, so who can be certain? Haley remarks on the quality of special effects (when viewed on a smartphone screen), and Keir struggles with what proves to be John Levene’s last full appearance as Benton, but fails to be given the exit that is truly deserved.

EXTRA: A request for you, listeners, to be active in the submission and support of DW-related panels at your local conventions!