Classic Rewatch: Robot


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines madness as ‘behavior or thinking that is very foolish or dangerous’, whereas the term eccentricity is ‘deviation from an established pattern or norm; especially odd or whimsical behavior’. With that in mind, we choose to revise the offhand way we have previously referred to one of the most iconic actors ever to portray The Doctor. With sincerest apologies to Tom Baker, we simply didn’t think that calling his Fourth Doctor merely ‘eccentric’ did him justice…but his behavior is whimsical to say the least, deviates from all patterns we could possibly expect, but is by no means foolish in his actions. He knows precisely what he’s doing, and if you’re ever so fortunate, he might even explain…some small part of it.

This week, Graeme Burke of Reality Bomb joins us as we sit back, kick our boots up onto the highest piece of furniture in the room, and enjoy the arrival of the Fourth Doctor in “Robot”. The Letts and Dicks era draws to a close, and they exeunt with a rollicking, well-paced, superbly cast (if slightly heavy-handed with the baddies) story that transitions us from the action-ready, take-charge days of Pertwee, into the unpredictable, what-in-the-world-is-he-grinning-at world of Baker. We salute Benton on his arguably finest story, watch Lis Sladen shine all the brighter in the presence of a new colleague, and wonder how much effort it took Terry Dicks to drop so much of an earlier Avengers episode into a Doctor Who script, given that “cut and paste” wasn’t available in 1974. Need a quick villain? Toss in a few fascist scientists bent on a new world order. Hey presto!

EXTRA: We reserve the right to play a little “Five Rounds Rapid” with our guest!



The Doctor Who Memorabilia Museum

Doctor Who Memorabilia Museum: David J Howe

Some people delight in the fact that they have a “new in box” item from a particular film or television franchise, and will nearly glow with excitement telling you about how the sight of that toy, bauble, or trinket reminds them of the many reasons why they love the programme, and sought to protect that fragile little object all these many years. Now, imagine having so many of those perfect little “time capsule” reminders that you have to actually change your living arrangements in order to accommodate them…and the only next step you can conceive is to arrange, build, and curate a museum to share them with others.

Seems a bit implausible, perhaps? A touch of hyperbole? Well, now that you mention it…

This week, we’re joined on a call with writer, collector, and immense Doctor Who enthusiast, David J. Howe (of Telos Publishing and numerous projects) to discuss the status and preparations for the opening of the Doctor Who Memorabilia Museum, a UK-based presentation of his 40+ years of collectibles and publications about our beloved series. He shares with us the inspiration, the process, the triumphs and troubles in getting this labour of love off the ground and ready for public enjoyment.



Classic Rewatch: Planet of the Spiders

Planet of the Spiders

Everyone has their phobias, be they great or small. For some, they focus on mortal dangers, like heights, open waters, small spaces. For others, they are rooted in the misunderstood or the alien, such as snakes, French mimes, or spiders. So what is the Doctor’s fear? What is that one flaw in their character that could be exploited so adeptly by a powerful adversary, that even they are found without rebuttal, without a plan, without a solution? It’s rats, isn’t it? Gotta be rats. I mean, seriously. RATS.

This week, we bid the fondest farewell to Jon Pertwee as our Third Doctor, as we chant into being a six-episode chase through “Planet of the Spiders”. Haley and Jay enjoy this story for the first time, as Keir picks their brains like so many sentient eight-legs to gather their thoughts on Yates’ redemption, Pertwee’s denouement, the need or lack thereof for the humans of Metebelis III, and the Brigadier’s floofy haircut. Honestly, you expect a serious, thought-provoking conversation about the regeneration of one of the most revered iterations of the Doctor…from us?



Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

GPR at Regeneration Who 4

…Because what’s the start of a multi-day, sleep-deprived, packed-schedule convention surrounded by incredible talent and intellect, without thirty minutes of questionable humour, random expletive outburst, and some dork in a Delgado costume?

Recorded live from the GPR Meet-Up at (Re)generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we spend some quality (subjective assessment) time with friends and listeners. Special thanks to the entire Onizumi Events con team for making us feel so welcome yet again!


(Re)GenerationWho4 Preview

If you’ve been a listener to this cast for anything more than an episode or two, first of all, you have our deepest thanks. But moreover, you’ve immediately learned that we get a little excited over things that we get involved in, or attend, or hear about, or brush up against in market aisles, or…well, you get the idea. We’re a lively bunch. So it should come as no surprise that when Oni and Harknell, showrunners for the Maryland-based (Re)GenerationWho conventions started sharing their ever-increasing roster of star guests for this fourth year, we may have lost our collective little minds.

As. Should. You.

This week, we blather enthusiastically about what we’re going to see, hear, and do at the upcoming (Re)GenerationWho 4 convention in Baltimore on the weekend of March 23, 2018. With Capaldi and Gomez in attendance, along with Davison, Baker, Talalay, the entire Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS Team, and so much more, we barely have the wind in the sails to share the panoply of panels (you like that?) we’re hosting throughout the weekend. But we dig deep! Or…breathe deep. You get the idea. Requesting permission to SQUEE!