Classic Rewatch: Planet of Evil

In the world of science fiction, antimatter has been a nearly limitless source of ideas. It can be used to power devices of all kinds, mutate entire ecosystems, rewrite the very timeline, and in extreme cases perhaps even . . . make someone . . . hairy and . . . angry?

This week we revisit the fourth Doctor story, The Planet of Evil, and discuss the Doctor and Sarah Jane encountering the predecessor to Zapp Brannigan and Space Force on a planet that doesn’t quiet live up to the evil moniker.

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Worst TARDIS Team Ever

Cats and dogs. Oil and water. Conservatives and liberals. 80s Star Wars fanboys and the rest of the world. Some things just never seem to coexist without struggle and tension. In keeping with this era of polarity, we foolishly decide to make light of the things that, while improbable, would be detrimental to the success of our beloved Doctor Who programme.

Because it’s out of character for us to want to see good things go wrong, we make a game of wondering what combinations of Doctors and companions would make for the most disastrous adventures. From personality clashes, to inevitable arguments, to likely fisticuffs, there are just some pairings of time travelers from among the dozens of individuals we’ve come to know that simply wouldn’t work. Why not celebrate them, eh?



Classic Rewatch: Terror of the Zygons

Terror of the Zygons

Dramatic storylines are great. Emotionally gripping, heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat tales have their value, sure. Comedic romps are a great pressure release when things are too much. But sometimes…

…sometimes, you just need a simple run-fast-and-flail-about adventure. With kilts. And tentacles. And cyber-monster milk. And pitchforks.

This week, we dive to the bottom of Loch Ness to begin Season 13, and meet the shapeshifting adversaries not to be seen again for 40 years. We try once again to determine if the decision to push this story past its original role as the Season 12 was a good one, praise the 1975 effects team for Zygon transition effects, and wonder just how many rubber cups were needed to build that spaceship interior, anyway. Haley wonders if the bullet that grazed Harry Sullivan should have pulled left just a bit, and Keir burns even more incense to his canonized Saint Benton.

EXTRA: A little preview of next week’s game, “Worst. TARDIS. Team. Ever.”



Broadchurch In Space?: Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

There are those who love the chair-gripping suspense of a complex, trust-no-one thriller. Others dive deeply into whimsical, otherworldly fantasy and science fiction. Some have a place in their hearts for light comedy to provide escape from the troublesome world, or the warmth of explored relationships and character bonds. We can hope that our new showrunner has something up their sleeve to suit all viewers as we embark on Series 11 — perhaps without leaning too hard or for too long on any one style.

In the last of our panel sessions from (Re)Generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we discuss Chris Chibnall’s body of work to date, and what assumptions we can make (or hopes we can have) about what that CV will bring to the next season of Doctor Who. Joined by panelists Brian Biggs of the Whovian Running Club, Irene Richard, Charles Martin of The Space Javelin, and Ian McCann of The Casual Nexus, we do our fair share of theorizing, hypothesizing, and flat-out fantasizing about what the Autumn of 2018 will present to us.



Classic Rewatch: Revenge of the Cybermen

Revenge of the Cybermen

There seems to be a running trend in social media right now of voicing unpopular opinions as conversation starters. While we have no issues with this practice — it does, after all, spur some interesting discussions — it has an undertone at times that implies that what is about to be shared will be upsetting, inflammatory, or the seed of debate-turned-argument. We’re positive people, and try to find some quality and enjoyment in most of what we consume, so we tend not to drift into this sort of thing. That said: we had to put a little more work than usual in highlighting the great things about the Season 12 closing story.

We were ultimately able to, damned if we will be daunted, but just the same. It was work. Sort of like trying to do your job with a rather uncomfortable, distressing pack on your back, that if you attempt to remove it…oh, you get the idea.

This time around, we put Sarah Jane and Harry through some shoulder-gripping struggle, as they deal with a foe they were assured was eradicated in “Revenge of the Cybermen”. The cybernetic soldiers are back with a new look, new voice, and new agenda. Haley learns that the council of Voga don’t know anything about bad poetry, Keir does a little digging to find out why a certain famous seal keeps appearing, and Jay wonders how long it takes to wash gold dust off sweaty hands.