Classic Rewatch: The Monster of Peladon

The Monster of Peladon

If you know us well, you know that even when assessing the most lopsided and poorly executed story from Doctor Who, be it the new or classic era, we’re going to strain at our harnesses to remain positive, and find commendable aspects of the script, the production, the performances. Headed into this week, a number of you expected us to have to get a well-balanced meal and a good nap in first, in order to do the same with our second materialization on the fledgling Federation planet of Peladon.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we didn’t have to work THAT hard. We rather like a lot of this story. In fact, some of us were really looking forward to it.

Podcasting colleague Alyssa of ‘This Week in Time Travel’ joins us to rewatch the penultimate Third Doctor Story, complete with mining revots, ghostly Aggadors, and our favourite hermaphroditic cephalopod. We revel in the glory of badger wigs, discuss Elisabeth Sladen’s ability to forge an iconic scene out of a lesser script, and wonder if Michael Cera is somehow the love child of shady scientist Eckersley. (There. Now you can’t un-see it. You’re welcome.)

EXTRA: We put a perfectly nice person in front of the squad, and subject Alyssa to a session of “Five Rounds, Rapid”.



Desert Island Doctors

Desert Island Doctors

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a big blue box
That left you and your Time Lord mate abandoned on the rocks.
No rescuers will come to aid, no hope of being found
You’re on your own, so make the best of what you find around.
Your cohort is a little mad, you’ve known that for a while,
But which face does the Doctor wear beside you on the isle?

This week, the GPR trio sits down to play their fledgling “who’d you choose?” game in earnest, looking to identify which of the Doctor’s regenerations we’d want with us if trapped on a deserted island. To make the game interesting, we ponder categories like ‘the Doctor you’d want if looking to survive’, or ‘the Doctor to help keep you sane’, or even ‘the Doctor to help escape the island because you sure as heck know that search and rescue team isn’t coming, and if you eat one more banana you’re going to snap’. In any case, Gilligan had the Professor, so the Doctor’s a definite improvement, right?




Classic Rewatch: Death to the Daleks

We can thank Terry Nation for the conceptualization and creation of one of the most iconic and long-lasting villainous forces ever created in televised science fiction. What we can’t always thank him for is a really compelling story that uses them.

This week, we scratch our heads a bit at the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane story from Season 11, “Death to the Daleks”. All the basic components of a great episode are there, from concept to cast, but the end result…well…

At least we get to play a little Myst: Doctor Who Edition, and find our way through the rooms of a dead city by solving puzzles. Thanks, “Dave”!





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The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One

Live From Gallifrey One 2018

Start with months and months of anticipation, follow with days upon days of celebration and conversation, and close with hours and hours of weary return travel, and you have “The Gallifrey One Exhaustion”. In spite of the bags unpacked (and bags under our eyes), we recap just the smallest sliver of what made this Los Angeles convention something not only entertaining, but poignant and important as well.

See you next year, for what we imagine will be a 30th anniversary bash the likes of which the Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way has never seen.

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The Writer’s Room (Live from Regeneration Who 3)

The Writer's Room (Live from Regeneration Who 3)

The only thing better than a great conversation about the intricacies of Doctor Who production with interesting and engaged fans like ourselves, is doing so on a panel at a convention chock-full of even more interesting and engaged fans. Could you top that? Sure. Have a discussion about writing for the show, with one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining writers from the program itself. Trifecta complete!

This week, we tap into our convention panel audio archive to offer a segment from the most recent RegenerationWho in Baltimore, Maryland. Joined by GPR guest alum Ian and Don, we welcome Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman (of “Dalek”) to the panel, to discuss the (at time of recording) unconfirmed rumour of Chibnall introducing an American-style writer’s room to Doctor Who production.