GPR Panels Announced for L.I. Who 4

LI Who 4

The ink is drying, the program director is getting a much-needed break for a moment, and the weekend agenda for Long Island Doctor Who is starting to solidify. If you’re planning to join the thousands in New York for this momentous event, here’s a look at just a few of the scheduled goings-on that will feature your intrepid (exhausted, slightly punchy) Gallifrey Public Radio team. We look forward to seeing you!

Fan Panel: “Taking Our Kids to the Doctor”
Younger and younger viewers are expressing interest in seeing and learning more about Doctor Who, much to our Whovian parents’ pride and enthusiasm. But where are the safe entry points into the series, based on each child’s age and temperament, when it comes to potentially complex or at times scary science fiction? Using personal anecdotes and audience input, the panel devises possible “primer sets” for children to begin their Doctor Who viewing experience safely and enjoyably.

Stage Interview: Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick
(Moderator: Keir Hansen)

Fan Panel: “The Power of the Spoken Word”
A panel analysis of some of the most emotionally impactful written moments in televised DW, along with discussion over the balance between dialogue and delivery. Do the quotes that sit heaviest on our hearts have the same impact, once separated from the actor who spoke them?

LIVE RECORDING: Gallifrey Public Radio!
Recording their podcast live with audience participation, the GPR staff will discuss “classic” elements of Doctor Who that could see a notable success if returned to the “modern” series. From characters, to locations, to technology, crew and audience will consider what could be brought into the current program, with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation.

Fan Panel: “The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis”
An analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associate(s) from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new companion for Series 10.

Be aware, the agenda is subject to last-minute changes right up until the event weekend, and locations for each panel and session will be posted both in the official LI Who booklet, and posted in numerous locations throughout the venue. Should anything change, we’ll also try to keep everyone apprised via Facebook and Twitter, so keep tuned in through those networks as well!

L.I. Who 4 Preview

LI Who 4 Preview

We’ve never backed off our immense love and preference for the intimate, fan-run conventions, be they based on the Doctor Who fandom, or any other. There’s nothing like finding yourself in line for a morning cup of tea next to a celebrity or writer you admire, instead of rubbing far more than elbows with every living soul packed like so many sardines into an overcrowded convention hall. Long Island Doctor Who, or L.I. Who for short, has figured you the balance between intimacy of scale and quality of offerings, and with the fourth annual event coming up the weekend of 11 November, excitement and expectations are high — particularly here in the GPR studios.

Joined this week by the L.I. Who showrunner and quintessential DW fan, Ken Deep, we get to chat about the motivation to start the convention, the events to look forward to (both returning to the schedule, and new to this year), and what having the right staff of incredible people can do to make the experience one that both veteran con attendees and first-time guests can find truly extraordinary.

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Audio Killed the Video Script

Dalek Time Controller

We all have a fascination with spoken word, to some extent. It’s the reason why we listen to (and create) podcasts, after all. The tale as told by another is a fascination as old as human civilization and possibly older, and the more skillful the bard, scrivener or storyteller, the more enthralled we become, as their words create mental images richer and more complex than any painting or tapestry. Is it any wonder, then, that within the fictional universe created specifically for a visual medium, we find ourselves fascinated by the stories shared only with our ears?

For over fifteen years, the production team at Big Finish Studios have gathered the talent, directors, writers, and editors necessary to create a working team responsible for some of the most compelling, emotional, and altogether entertaining stories the Doctor Who franchise has known. “We love stories”, as their tagline clearly indicates, and the evidence is clear. Through their craft, we know the Eighth Doctor better than we could have imagined, much to all our benefit. We learned the softer side of “Old Sixie”. We learned to fear Zagreus, the Viyrans, and the Dalek Time Controller. We met some of the best friends imaginable, in Evelyn, C’rizz, Molly, Lucie, Erimem, Liv…even Frobisher, the giant talking penguin.

This week, Jay and Keir discuss just a small segment of the many characters, plot arcs, villains, and other story elements that Big Finish has brought to Whovians that could not only adapt easily to the televised series, but would arguably be extremely well received by viewing audiences. We say “arguably”, because why else would we hypothesize such things, if not to get a lively discussion going, right? That’s “discussion”, not “flame war”. (Start that discussion in the comments below!)

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Classic Rewatch: The Mind Robber

The Mind Robber

Let us tell you a story. Once, in a far-off land, many, many years apart from the time we live now, three dear friends went on an adventure. This was not your usual storybook adventure, where brave souls battled fearsome monsters, rescuing…oh, wait, it sort of is that sort of adventure. Well, it definitely didn’t have traps and snares, puzzles of wit designed to test our heroes’ intellect as well as physical…hmm. It has that, too. Okay, it certainly wasn’t a journey within the mind, testing the boundaries of what was real, and what was illusion…huh? That, too? Darn. I guess it has just about everything except a bedazzled catsuit, two men in one kilt, and a fake German bodybuilder. Oh, for crying out loud…

This week, Keir and Haley revel in the fun of the Second Doctor literary adventure, “The Mind Robber”. As writer Peter Ling’s first attempt at science fiction, it is a mad, labyrinthine sort of ‘Doctor Through the Looking Glass’, with every sort of fictional component thrown in to trip up our Time Lord and his exceptional companions, Jamie and Zoe. Wind up your toy soldiers and step into the white mist, because things are about to be taken…literally.

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Our 200 Episode Diary


From the early recordings of two American fans of Doctor Who ecstatic over the just-aired episode, to the live recordings at Whovian conventions joined by listeners from far and wide, the GPR studio has grown from an extracurricular activity to a critical part of our lives. (I’m speaking personally at the moment, here, but as you’ll hear in the cast, the sentiment is shared.) Five years and 200 installments later, we have made more friends than we can count within this vast, complex, and impressive fan community. We’d say we owe it all to the Doctor, but in truth: we owe it all to you.

Join the GPR trio as we reflect on 200 episodes of our modest Doctor Who podcast, the impact that creating and producing the cast has had on each of our lives, and the profound respect and thanks we have for all those who have contributed, supported, and listened to us for the past half decade. Cheers, mates.

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